For this Vodafone sponsored multichannel campaign we collaborated with agencies Carat and Foe to stimulate our audiences’ curiosities through a month-long curated content campaign across our Irish Mirror, Dublin Live and Cork Beo websites and social media.

Our audiences the length of the country could ‘follow your curiosity on Ireland’s best mobile network’.

The idea

Over a period of four weeks, we quenched our readers’ natural curiosity to the days most fleeting questions (the most searched things in Ireland) while delivering the core Vodafone ‘follow your curiosity’ messaging and branding.

A combination of daily sponsored articles, daily social videos and always-on targeted display delivered this message to millions of our readers which complemented a simultaneous OOH campaign incredibly well by seamlessly syncing the real world with online, using the same ad copy set in a similar-looking creative for universal impact.

Campaign laydown

Each day on each site, we put a different curiosity in front of readers answering a topical question/query/quandary via eye-catching masthead takeovers occupying a ‘search engine’ style creative that clicked through to thought-provoking Vodafone branded content – all of which was amplified on each site's Facebook channel daily as well.

Exact campaign components:

  • Sponsored article 
  • MPU
  • Top skin
  • Mobile banner
  • Masthead for desktop and mobile.

We were talking ‘When does the Premier League start?’ at the same time the 2019/20 Premier League season ended... ‘How many furlongs in a mile?’ coinciding with the Galway Races and as the country went into staycation mode, we asked ‘How long does it take to climb Croagh Patrick?’. For a whole month, we lured our readers in and fed their curiosities.

Check out this short video summary of all the curious questions we asked and answered:


> This campaign achieved the most amount of page views of any branded content partnership we’ve run on Reach sites.

> 1 million+ social video views.

> 3 million+ ad impressions.

> Hands-on approach every morning from creative solutions, content teams @ Reach and Foe and campaign management team to turn the curiosities around every day and set live.