We were tasked to drive awareness that Rockshore was associated with festivals this summer, so we did exactly just that.

We decided to achieve this that we would give away free tickets across almost every weekend of the summer. Rockshore's summer ambition is to own the feeling of freedom. A summer when you don’t hold back and experience life to the fullest. Rockshore as part of Diageo portfolio is leading the charge and will be seen in over 80 nights of festivals/concerts this summer. 

The campaign is running on Dublin Live, Cork Beo and Belfast Live - the three locations where the gigs take place. We have the reach and scale that Diageo were after to directly target the right audience in Cork, Dublin and Belfast, where the gigs are taking place.

Campaign Elements

We ran an article on Cork Beo, Dublin Live and Belfast Live being the home for all of the giveaways. One simple but clear piece of content makes sure the giveaways are convenient for our readers to enter and also for our clients to manage. Allowing people in each region an opportunity to win tickets to local shows will put Rockshore at the forefront of Summer in the most meaningful way possible.

Throughout the duration of the campaign we used tactical display to promote the giveaways to the people most likely to attend gigs and festivals this summer as well as mass marketing to the core demographic.

Readers simply have to choose their preferred gig from our list for a chance to win. This simple mechanic to enter will firstly allow us to find the people who really want certain tickets but also allow us to sustain the hype over the whole campaign period. Once a gig happens and we’ve given the tickets away, that option is then removed.