Monday, May 18 was kind of a big deal in Ireland. Not only was it the day our construction workers returned to work after 8 weeks on lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis but it was also the day we asked the nation: What makes the perfect chicken fillet roll?

Of course, nowhere has perfected the fine art of chicken fillet roll construction like Centra and when it wanted to push food-to-go sales at its deli counters, on the same day that building sites across the country went back to work, we launched a nationwide campaign via Irish Mirror, Dublin Live and Cork Beo to say ‘welcome back builders!’

We worked with the team at Starcom on this one.

Campaign idea in a nutshell:

Engage as many of our readers with incredibly relevant and fun content while reminding them to visit Centra to get a roll. 

> We launched with a dedicated poll published on Irish Mirror to discover how Ireland (in general) prefers their roll, followed by spin-off regional polls on CorkBeo & DublinLive to see if choices varied depending on which part of the country you were in.

> Speaking with our audience on this local level gave us and Centra the opportunity to really connect with consumers and drive much higher engagement figures.

> A full desktop and mobile display ad campaign ran alongside the content on each of the sites with the same ‘welcome back’ sentiment, consisting of billboard-sized takeovers, MPUs and banners and we roadblocked the six pieces of sponsored content so only Centra ads would appear alongside the polls and results on each site.

And the results are in!

After a week, the results from each region were published in a native article on each site to give local readers ownership of their results. We also created these snackable infographics (excuse the pun!) to set out the results. Turns out, it doesn’t matter which part of the country you reside because Irish Mirror, Dublin and Cork readers all chose the exact same fillings as their favourite!

Overall there were 2,318 poll entries. The poll articles in all three regions were viewed over 20k times and shared directly to personal social media platforms more than 700 times. (The Dubs must love their chicken fillet rolls because 38% of the entries came from Dublin Live!)

The average dwell time on the articles was a minute and a half.

Then the number of people coming back to find out the results was insane - 10.8k views across all three sites and it seems our Cork readers were the most interested in their county’s choice because they spent over 4 minutes reading the results of the Cork poll!

The display campaign ran for 11 days delivering just over the guaranteed 1,000,000 impressions. 2,647 clicks gave this campaign a top CTR of 0.26%

The tone and timing of this campaign could not have been better. The results and engagement rate would suggest it really lifted the spirits and gave our audience a bit of fun escape in these tough times. And one other thing we learned from this campaign, in the words of our Head of Branded Content, Stephen McMullin - there is no wrong way to fillet!