Kotanical is a small Irish business that is the first company in Ireland to distill oil from natural native sources. Founder Karl Murray spent over six years researching essential oil distillation techniques and experimenting with wild-crafted ingredients and so the production of Ireland's first and only essential oils began.

As a small Irish-owned business, Kotanical wanted to branch out and be seen by a bigger audience and that’s where Reach came in, to help achieve this coverage all over the Island of Ireland.

The brief

A simple brief - Kotanical wanted more awareness of its brand, at scale, along with evergreen discovery of its product range and attributes. 

“We want to focus on the main USPs of Kotanical's products, specifically the various essential oils that have their own benefits for sleep, motivation and relaxation.”

(Founder Karl Murray)

The solution

With no back catalogue of video or content assets to make use of, it made sense for Reach to create brand new assets for Kotanical that we knew would do the job for the campaign on our platforms and could also be used by the brand elsewhere in its brand awareness journey, well after the campaign wrapped.

We showcased the unique benefits of Kotanical products through the use of short 30 seconds social videos focusing on three passion points - a relaxing bedtime routine, promoting exercise recovery and a less stressful working from home environment. 

The native content complemented the video series and detailed the other products that are available from Kotanical and how they can be used and be of benefit in your everyday life. 

High impact display advertising was also used to get reach at scale which included specific money-off codes to entice our readers to try the products, whose content they were also exposed to throughout the site in content and video formats.

All of the above was published on all four of our Irish sites - Irish Mirror, Dublin Live, Cork Beo and RSVP Live - to tick the brand’s mass brand awareness and reach objectives.


Over 200k display impressions; 51k + page views; almost 87k video views; and a total social reach of just over 143,000.