Dry January was a perfect time for popular cider brand Kopparberg to align its Alcohol-Free (AF) range with a wave of healthy thinking and conversation. There is no more ideal local environment for capturing those interests than Be, Belfast Live's stand-alone lifestyle sub-brand dedicated to fitness, wellness, health and beauty, to work-life and parenting, careers and cooking to fashion and features.  


The traditional new year health kick and fitness focus is an important time for everyone to banish the excesses of winter hibernation and form new habits for the year ahead. Well, months ahead. Ok, the weeks and days ahead!

Embracing this zeitgeist presents interesting challenges and thus opportunities for brands - arguably none more so than the alcohol category who see many of their regular customers taking a 4 week 'Dry January' hiatus from their favourite tipple.  Enter Alcohol-Free variants and in the case of Kopparberg AF - the #1 Alcohol-Free cider in the Irish market 👏

In a unique Dry January, with the local on-trade still unopen, how could the brand align with the seasonal health kick and communicate the attributes and values of the range - at a time when consumers might not be consciously considering the category?

Campaign idea

The brand insights and target audience were super tight - key among them, Gen Z & Millennials, aged 18-34 with a propensity and interest in health and fitness.  

We proposed a roadblock of all Be content for the duration of the campaign.

Roadblock = a complete takeover of the topic section in addition to all of the content within it in, with all ad formats (bar the reskin) optimised for the mobile environment also. Basically every article read within Be would be accompanied by unmissable Kopparberg ad creative. 

With this approach, the brand was able to use a mass targeting of readers that we knew exhibited the interests specified in the brief.

In addition to this activity, we hosted an always-popular reader competition giving three readers the chance to win a case each. The competition was targeted to all of our readers on-site and signposted on our social channels, not just the Be audience. This dual approach of mass-targeting the wider Belfast Live readership in combination with the more niche and very relevant Be audience maximised that all-important scale and broadened the messaging reach to potential customers not within the Be area.


A click-through rate of 1.1% on the ads.

Total reach and engagement on the social plugs for the competition was 43,866 and 870 respectively (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined).

1,150 views of the competition which generated 90 entries.

x3 happy winners each bagging a case of Kopparberg and Dry January goals still intact!