That time during the coronavirus lockdown, when our favourite restaurants were still waiting for the green light to reopen, our client Navigator Blue approached us on behalf of NI Pork as they figured the foodies out there were on the look-out for some at-home inspiration.

And inspiration they got via a series of live cookalongs on Belfast Live's Instagram with Tony O’Neill, managing director and top chef at Belfast city centre favourites Coppi and Buba.

This campaign had us salivating from start to finish!

Summary of brief:

> Provide an opportunity for NI Pork to be relevant in digital conversation; communicating key messages of quality, integral to NI and providing consumers with nutritious, tasty and versatile food inspiration.

> Increase consideration for pork usage on a mass scale.

Our response to the brief:

Lockdown created a new normal for everybody, for the foreseeable future. How people are currently consuming media and entertainment presents brands with the opportunity to be equally current and relevant.

Live cookalongs have become a popular way for restaurants to maintain profile + salience and for readers to upskill + entertain.

Rundown of campaign elements:

Our campaign was a mini-series of live cookalongs using contemporary cooking talent to create nutritious, desirable pork dishes. We employed the use of Tony O'Neill who is one of Belfast city's most accomplished chefs. Tony created a series of chef-quality recipes that viewers could cookalong to in real time, as part of a heavyweight multimedia campaign that also included recipe articles, how-to's, the live cookalongs, branded stings and our standard high-frequency social media distribution. 


A hugely engaging campaign that saw a social reach in excess of 300k and c.10k cookalong views. 

Client feedback:

"The campaign has been really effective at both reaching a large number of NI shoppers, and importantly communicating NI Pork’s key messages in a way that is very distinctive. In my experience this is because of the team at BelfastLive who have not only created a platform that people in Belfast (and beyond) watch, read and listen to throughout the day, but also because of their approach to working with advertisers who they guide with research and insights on the most effective way to speak to their audiences."

- Navigator Blue