Christmas 2019, Belfast City Council wanted visitors to 'make it Belfast' - whether you were visiting to shop, to take in the Christmas lights and events or to socialise - so they made it Belfast Live to make sure their campaign was seen. 

The client brief was focused on impactful, clickable display advertising over a set period in the weeks leading up to Christmas so we opted for a series of HPTO creatives on Belfast Live - 5 different takeovers over 5 different days - all a week apart and all themed around different spectacles that would be happening in the city over Christmas. 

With the HPTOs ticking the box for high impact in the desktop environment, we added cross-platform MPUs to cover mobile users over the same period which was also an additional opportunity to see for desktop users as the MPUs appear in desktop as well.


> In a nutshell, lots of clicks and an industry-busting average click-through rate of 2.1% (average in 2019 was 0.05%).

> The HPTOs delivered in the region of 20,000-26,000 impressions each time and that massive CTR!

> The ads were clicked in a total of 2,372 times, with a fifth of those clicks via the MPU alone.

Campaign conclusion - less is sometimes more!  In this case, two ad formats.