Lately, Centra has positioned its brand around the strapline ‘Live Well’’: 

‘At Centra we're all about helping our shoppers in any way we can and we know that making the healthier choice is not always the easy one.’   

And with every New Year brings the ‘New Year, New You’ mindset and at the start of 2020, Centra wanted to go down the health and fitness route with their 'Live Well' message and their agency Mammoth were open to explore any health-related avenues with Belfast Live.

Our Solution

Turned out, the timing of Centra’s campaign coincided with our own initiative of ‘Belfast Loves’ which is a user-generated content series we run each month on Belfast Live, calling upon readers to showcase the best of Belfast whether it’s their favourite chippy, play park or school lollipop person.

(Afterall, Belfast Live set out to become a reflection of the city and its people! Belfast Loves does just that.)

The theme for January, which paired up perfectly with Centra’s campaign objectives, was Belfast’s Favourite Personal Trainer.  And so, we proposed sponsorship of the campaign. 

The Belfast Love campaign works in three elements:

  1. First, we announce the ‘Belfast Loves’ topic - in this case, PT - and get our readers/general public to nominate via social call-outs on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.
  2. When the nomination window ends, we collate the Top 10 and get readers to vote for their favourite. The Top 10 nominees are also encouraged to get their followers/clientele to vote. In this case, this meant excellent brand association for Centra to a very targeted audience - fitness enthusiasts/gym goers who all want to ‘Live Well’.
  3. Once the votes are in, we announce the winner.

What did Centra get out of all of this?

All online content generated for the campaign was tagged and ad roadblocked, meaning, Centra branding surrounded all of the content pieces in a skin format including in-feed MPUs and prominent double MPU slots.

In addition to the contextual display ads, a cross-platform MPU was live across the site on launch day for extra brand exposure, unassociated with the Belfast Loves trail.

Plus all social posts throughout the campaign were tagged with Centra as partners and logo placement across all Instagram stories.


> Total display = 112,876 impressions / 161 clicks / an average CTR of 0.14%

> 521 nominations were submitted via social call-outs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; reaching 310k, with a total of 29.9k engagements and 297 social shares.

> x3 pieces of content had collective views of 35,307, of which 30.5k of those views were unique views!

> The beauty of our Belfast Loves campaigns is the shareability - our readers really get involved - and the PT articles, with the Centra brand association, were shared by over 1,400 people onto their own personal social platforms.