Bushmills’ UK PR agency wanted to engage a media partner for its #AnswerTheCall campaign - a 10 month long celebration of the fearless and determined talents in Northern Ireland, showcasing those who have ‘answered their calling’ while inspiring others to do the same.

We had access to 11 creators, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and adventurers with cool stories to tell, so that’s what we did - told their stories.

The brief was limited to content, social and event support via Belfast Live platforms, but no advertising.  So we focussed on creating inspiring content in collaboration with Clearbox.

We did this via:

> a native content series that coincided with an events calendar to share the incredible stories of the collaborators with our readers/fans of the craft.

> written interviews with each collaborator, teased out on the social channels ahead of each event.

> reader giveaways and ticket competitions.

> video output of some of the events.


Content engagement

> 23 pieces of content generated 11,363 page views over the duration of the campaign; of which 9,295 of those views were unique reads.

> Socially (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), the reach was nearly a quarter of a million.

> On Facebook alone, the content was clicked on over 5,000 times.