The boys in green mightn’t have made it to the Euros but that didn’t stop BoyleSports wanting in on the action with Irish betting fans to make sure they had the largest share of voice for coverage throughout the tournament vs. its main competitors. We teamed up with PHD for this one, see what we did below.

What we did: 

To achieve this, we gave BoyleSports the main sponsorship rights to all our Euro 2020 coverage across all three newspapers - the Irish Daily Star, Irish Daily Mirror & Irish Sunday Mirror - to maximise brand presence around all relevant sports coverage, targeting our avid football readers that make up such a big chunk of our newspaper buyers and readers.

This combined print offering of our two daily titles - Irish Daily Star and Irish Daily Mirror, which we call ‘The Morning Market’, provided BoyleSports with the strongest audience solution in the Irish popular market, reaching 222,000* unduplicated daily readers at the time of the campaign (this figure is now 248,000 with the latest TGI release) and netting strong contextual ad placement.

Rundown of campaign elements:

Lead up to the UEFA Euros 2020 activity

> Sponsorship of any individual preview content franchises in each paper e.g. pullouts, glossy magazines and wall charts.

> Pre-promotion of these special print runs and unmissable front-page mentions on match days.

During the UEFA Euros 2020 activity

> Sponsorship of our daily 8-page pullouts in the Irish Daily Star and Irish Daily Mirror (and weekly in the Irish Sunday Mirror) over the duration of the tournament.

> Sponsorship = logos on the front pages, strap ads & ads within. 

> Additional ad placements, in various stand-out formats incl. full pages placed within the sport sections of each paper to support the ads within the pullouts. 

The stats: 

We sell in the region of 73,732 papers a day across our x3 papers so targeting football fans within this content-rich environment was a great match for BoyleSports.

Irish news brands reach 2.8m people in Ireland every week* across print and digital. Considering the presence BoyleSports had within our titles during the tournament, never mind any other online and offline media they may have done, the bookmaker certainly could have topped the table in terms of brand exposure.

*ROI TGI 2020