Ambermed, which is the official Irish and UK distribution agent for leading nutrition & food supplement brands from around the world, kick-started a brand new health partnership with RSVP magazine in May, at a time when (without mentioning the c-word!) good health was on everyone's mind and when brands needed to work with trusted and effective media platforms to speak to consumers.

The April edition of RSVP was the highest-selling issue we've had since September 2018, up 21% year-on-year! So there was no better time to bring Ambermed onboard as our health partner.

The idea:

RSVP already has a very popular ‘health’ section within the magazine each month, filled with topical features by our writers which include health experts like Nutritionist Yvonne O’Shaughnessy and Wellness Consultant and Motivational Speaker Bibi Baskin. Now with Ambermed as the main sponsor of health content, we work with the client to produce a 7-page spread for each edition, changing up the content themes to work alongside a particular brand/product in the Ambermed range.

The spreads are a mix of fresh editorial features and relevant full-page ad placements from Ambermed that supplement (excuse the pun!) the content themes.

This example is from the June issue of the mag and the content theme was brain health so our writers curated easy, interesting content around that health topic and Ambermed showcased its range of omega products as an option for readers.

Some of the other content themes:

  • gut health ~ probiotics;
  • ways to boost your immune system to fight infections during Covid-19;
  • how to know what supplements to buy and why?
  • collagen: why do we take it, what are the benefits? How to naturally stimulate collagen - face yoga; and
  • kids health and supplements.

The whole idea is - you get the full package – educational features, helpful advice and convenience because readers can buy local!

Rundown of campaign elements:

> a different 7-page spread in each monthly issue of RSVP from May until the end of the year.

> the same print spreads are lifted onto and tagged into our health section as ‘special features’.

> each separate article contained within each spread is teased out on RSVP’s Instagram channel via Insta ‘swipe up’ stories, taking readers to the online versions of the features.

> we launched the multimedia partnership with a competition for Nordic Naturals, which is one of Ambermed’s brands, on our Instagram for a family of 4 to win a year’s supply of products (worth €1,200).

The stats (so far):

RSVP is read by 78,900 Irish adults every month. 77% of those readers are women.

91% are aged 18+, 53% are 35+ so a really powerful age range.

Above data is TGI 2019.

X5 articles that have been lifted from the print spreads and published online have garnered over 5,979 views.

The #sponsored Instagram competition reached 47,824 people and 274 actually entered to win.