An A-Z of TGI 2019 and our newspapers

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Ironically, for an industry built on breaking & reporting stories, the one thing we haven’t been great at is telling this remarkable story.

Amid all the talk of declining newspaper sales and an industry battling to maintain relevancy, latest stats demonstrate the enduring role Northern Ireland’s news brands continue to play with over half a million newspapers – 606,424 to be precise – sold every week (Mon-Sat editions, plus Sunday newspapers) according to the latest ABC data (Jan-Jun 2019).

With NI’s estimated adult population of 1.51 million (aged 15+) in the most recent census (2018), the maths speaks for itself.

And that's newspaper sales.

When it comes to readership, Newspapers are a highly-shared medium. They’re proudly brought into the family home and our stories are discussed & debated in the workplace and beyond. Watch on TV and listen on the radio to how newspapers still set the day’s talking points and daily news agenda. This shareable, communal nature of newspapers allows us to estimate a readership figure that is often a multiple of each copy e.g. 3 readers per copy sold.

TGI is the industry currency for news brands trading. The latest 2019 release tells us NI daily newspapers reach a total combined readership of 371,000 on an average daily basis. Breaking that down per title...

  • Daily Mirror is the highest-read daily newspaper with 160,000 daily readers
  • The Belfast Telegraph is next highest with 150,000 daily readers
  • Followed by the Irish News with 147,000 readers 
  • News Letter - 52,800 readers

Focusing on our own print brands, we've put together this handy A-Z of TGI and our newspapers, giving you all the key facts about our brands and readers.