We've been awarded for outstanding services to the media industry!

Business Comms

Our company has been awarded for 'Outstanding Services to the Media Industry’ in The Public Sector Magazine's annual Excellence in Business Awards. In fact, they made us the outright winner of this year's award!

The Public Sector Magazine is Ireland’s dedicated publication for the Public Sector, Semi-State Bodies and Civil Servants and its awards recognise excellence in key providers to the Irish Public Sector acknowledging the professionalism of companies that excel in what they do.

The Excellence in Business Awards are awarded to companies that demonstrate outstanding service, continuity, track record and general excellence in business to the Public Sector, Irish companies and to the people of Ireland.

This is the first year an award has been put up for services to the media sector, making us the first-ever recipient of the award. It is also presenting awards to key figures who have made an outstanding contribution to Ireland and to the Public Sector.

Our Audience and Content Director for Ireland, Chris Sherrard accepted the award on behalf of the company, saying: “It is the responsibility of national and regional news publishers like Reach to promote the vital contribution they make in terms of trusted journalism to society and democracy.

“Our news brands and the stories we cover are as varied as our audiences, which collectively generated peak page views of 101 million at the start of this year, a time when the public really relied on news publishers to provide accurate, reliable, fact-checked information of the pandemic we’re all going through.

“Recognition is important in any sector but for one as vital as the Irish Public Sector, this accolade adds to our brand’s credibility as one of the country’s main news publishers and this award will go a long way in not only helping employees take pride in their work but also reassuring our readers and brand partners of the quality and professionalism of our media organisation.”