Northern Ireland's daily newspapers unite to offer home delivery service during coronavirus pandemic

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Northern Ireland's four main daily newspapers - the Daily Mirror, News Letter, Irish News and Belfast Telegraph - plus other daily and weekly titles, are uniting to make sure their readers continue to receive their daily news during the coronavirus pandemic.

From Monday, April 6, you'll be able to get the Daily Mirror delivered to your home. This is because we have joined forces with other leading daily newspapers in Northern Ireland to offer a home delivery service to ensure readers can still get their vital source of trusted news during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the coronavirus crisis unfolds, massively impacting on people's daily lives, the main newspapers here are uniting to make sure their readers continue to receive their daily news at a time when they need it most.

The home delivery service has been launched following an inundation of requests from readers of the newspapers looking for their paper to be delivered either for themselves or for elderly parents.

As people - particularly the elderly and vulnerable - isolate themselves and embrace social distancing, getting to the shops for your daily newspaper has proved a difficult task, and for a lot of people, newspapers are an important part of their day.

The service initially covers the Belfast area but it is hoped that more delivery options will become available in other parts of the country.

Editor in Chief of the NI edition of the Daily Mirror, John Kierans said:

“Readers are relying on news outlets right now more than ever to get the latest news and information from the very best sources.

“The critical role played by news media in getting trusted and accurate information out to the public has been widely acknowledged during the coronavirus outbreak.

"Newspapers provide a vital public service and the Daily Mirror, News Letter and The Irish News coming together to make sure that our readers still get their familiar, trusted daily news is absolutely the right thing to do.”

To sign up to get the latest copy of Northern Ireland’s highest-read newspaper without leaving your home, please visit