Chat with Marketing Assistant Emily Spackman McKee, our Young Person of the Year award nominee

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We've dedicated a whole blog post to our Marketing Assistant Emily who was put forward for the Young Person of the Year Award in this year's Investors in People Awards! Although Emily didn't make the final shortlist, she's our favourite young person of the year and we caught up with Emily to find out a little more about the awards, how and why Emily came to be nominated and of course, how she felt about it.

Well done Emily and keep up your fabulous contribution to our Marketing Department 💛 did Emily being nominated for the Young Person of the Year Award come about?

Because of the fabulous contribution that Emily has made to the business during a time of critical change for not just Reach in NI, but our industry as a whole, not to mention during a pandemic and lockdowns! 

What exactly are The Investors in People Awards 2021?

2021 has been a record-breaking year for The Investors in People Awards. They have seen their highest entry total since the awards got off the ground eight years ago. That means the categories have become a lot more competitive and the judges are having a much harder time choosing winners! 

The Investors in People Awards are always inspired to see so many organisations wanting to be celebrated for their work, either through their accreditations or the awards. The commitment to make work better has never been stronger post-pandemic!

Let’s take a closer look at snippets of the fab award entry that Marketing Director, Joanne Friel put together for Emily’s nomination...

"Within months of her starting her part-time work experience in the B2C marketing department at Reach, Emily became actively involved in the local rollout of a large scale CRM data migration project, a very important component of our business’s strategic roadmap in 2020. She threw herself into a project she knew nothing about initially, but proved that determination and the confidence to get involved, can really pay off."

"She created this new position for herself because she is a dedicated, proactive young marketer who displays professionalism and insight way beyond her years."

"She has been at the forefront of a major CRM system replacement project, despite having just joined the business on work experience.”

"Emily is calm, practical and helpful. She’s always willing to get involved and pitch in with new ideas.”

Now to the woman of the moment!

Emily, how did you feel when you found out you'd been nominated for the award?

I was delighted when I found out that I had been nominated for this award!

Working from home can sometimes make it difficult to know if your work is having a positive impact and having my efforts and skills recognised by Joanne was wonderful. It has really boosted my confidence and motivated me to continue to give my best and grow in this role. 

And when we asked Joanne why she nominated Emily for the Young Person of the Year Award 2021?

In an organisation the size of Reach, it could be easy to feel that your day to day work is insignificant or not see the big picture and value of your role, particularly at such an early stage in your career, but Emily has confidently educated other departments in understanding the importance of her role and how it serves the overall business strategy. She’s a great example of how young people can positively impact business. 

Well done Emily!!! 😊 We think you're fab!

The winners will be announced on the 23rd November and we wish the very best of luck to all on the shortlist.