Rebecca Laffan: "Tell me your story - I’m all ears!"

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Our Cork Beo Digital Reporter on her favourite time of the year, the most expensive thing she's bought and her best memories at Reach.

What’s your drink of choice? 

I’m very proud to say I’ve become a Guinness fan during the pandemic so I’m on a mini-mission to find the best one in Ireland (and, secretly, to get a bad one just so I can send it to the @shitlondonguinness account).

Social media platform of choice? 

Definitely Twitter, I use it the most for work and it’s my go-to if I have something to share. TikTok if I have a spare fifteen hours to mindlessly scroll.

Favourite singer/band?

I will defend Taylor Swift’s honour until the day I die. Have yet to see her live, despite being a fan for more than half of my life so that’s something that needs to happen post-pandemic. 

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought (excluding property)?

Sofas for the house I just moved into - one thing adult life doesn’t prepare you for is the price of simply sitting down comfortably.

What’s your favourite time of the year?

This time of year! November is a crazy month for me with loads of birthdays, including my own. Plenty of winter sun, crispy leaves everywhere, it’s not too cold yet and Christmas is creeping in. Scorpio season is the best season. 

What’s the most famous person you’ve met?

I once found myself behind Paloma Faith in the queue in a London SuperDrug, but if we’re talking met-met it’d probably be Bob Geldof, albeit very briefly. Too brief to have a good story to tell, sadly.

Do you have any pets? 

I have a cat I inherited from my grandmother, he’s about 80 in cat years and somehow doesn’t have a name. My family dog is called Jake and he’s The Best Boy. 

What’s one of your favourite memories at Reach?

I don’t think I could boil it down to just one, but for a majority of my time here I worked with my best friend Frances Watkins and that was such a privilege - and we’re still besties!

Biggest life lesson to date? 

Treat yourself how you’d treat your closest friends. And keep receipts. 

What’s your favourite question to ask people?

Culchie me is screaming “how’s she cuttin’?” so I’m just going to go with that as I don’t let her out much. 

What genres of music do you like best?

Indie-pop, but my Spotify is very much a mixed bag.

Did you get a job in your field after you’ve graduated?

I actually got one before I graduated in my home patch with the Limerick Leader - a brilliant first job. 

What’s your favourite pastime/hobby?

Right now I’m knee-deep in redecorating my house, so I’ve turned that into a hobby to try and help me hate it less. I’ve darkened B&Q's door many times in the past few months. 

Someone you’d love to meet, living or dead

Taylor Swift, and then myself when I pass away at that very moment. 

To the audience: 

Tell me your story - I’m all ears!