Reach ID and 5 million registered customers!

Business Comms

Last February, we revealed our Customer Value Strategy via Reach ID which provides data and customer insights of a user’s activity across all our sites in the UK and Ireland. Coming up to the year mark, we have reached the significant milestone of registering 5 million customers across our news sites, newsletters, InYourArea and other websites and products.

Next stop - 10 million! (By the end of 2022).

In short, the Reach ID fuels our responses to advertisers by informing our insights. Commercially, it’ll enhance our planning approach, taking our customer data and audience behaviour which then informs our creative strategy for brand partners. 

It is also currently being used in a series of trial advertising campaigns, with early results showing “there is a clear opportunity to increase yields from advertising campaigns by offering a more data-led approach”, according to CEO, Jim Mullen.

He added: “With customer registrations significantly ahead of our initial target at 5 million, and our digital revenues continuing to go from strength to strength, we are now focused on the next phase of our strategy, which will utilise enhanced data and insights with the Reach ID being key to that. 

“We are pleased to deliver the Reach ID, our proprietary customer insight platform, and we will continue to build on the potential of the Reach ID during 2021 with customer insights driving new product innovations and commercial partnerships, offering enhanced value to advertisers through improved returns on campaigns and driving even greater engagement with our content.” 

The Reach Customer Value Strategy builds on Reach's leading scale audience – the biggest of any commercial news publisher in the UK and Ireland. In January all five Irish sites - Irish Mirror, Dublin Live, Cork Beo, Belfast Live and RSVP Live - set an all-new group page views record of 101 million, the first time we've ever collectively passed 100 million. is now a Reach brand as part of the acquisition of the Irish Star, which we have big plans for and Business Live NI is coming soon too!

Our Commercial Director in Ireland, Jonathan Eakin, said: “Customer registrations have been a key focus for Reach as these are the first step to securing insights into customer behaviour. This data is then used to drive improved customer experiences and to offer opportunities to brands to adopt better-targeted campaigns, customer offers and commercial partnerships.

“Achieving the 5 million registration milestone is a major step towards reaching our target of 10 million by the end of 2022. Registered customers already show increased loyalty and engagement with Reach sites as they respond to newsletters and updates, access any of our websites or register for the opportunity to comment on news stories.”