​​Sarah Stewart: “I answer calls and emails at all hours of the day including when I’m abroad!”

Business Comms

Our Account Manager on the NI commercial team - who’s been with us for 24 years! - on Bradley Cooper, how she switches off from work (turns out she actually doesn’t!), who her fantasy dinner guests would be and being addicted to holidays.

Song you last listened to? Girls Aloud- Jump (For My Love) 

What is your guiltiest pleasure? Ordering a carryout for dinner straight after the week's shopping arrives. So lazy but after putting the shopping away who wants to cook. Not me!

The boss is buying you a drink, what are you having? A large Sauvignon Blanc, I also love frozen cocktails but not always available.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? An actress, I still believe I am a wasted talent.

Social media platform of choice? Facebook

What’s one of your favourite memories at Reach?  Probably the day Jo bought Mark a birthday cake which we ate, but not before buying/hiding a duplicate.  She went mental as Mark had not even arrived into the office at this stage.  It was so funny but you definitely needed to be there.

Someone you might be starstruck to meet? Bradley Cooper, he is seriously hot.

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? My children, they make me proud every day, they are loud, seriously funny, intelligent, a chip of the old block really. 

Hidden talent? Money management, if there is a way to save a few quid I’m your girl.  From mortgages to holidays and everything in between.  Just to point out I’m not tight but money saved allows you to spend elsewhere and most of my money goes on holidays.   

Name the film you’d watch again tonight? Mamma Mia, I love the music and feelgood factor, I don’t even mind the bad acting.

Biggest life lesson to date? After the last year we’ve had, your health is your most valuable asset and don't take anything for granted.

How do you switch off from work? I don’t, I answer calls and emails at all hours of the day and night including when I’m abroad!  I need to be in control, not sure if this is a good or bad trait.  However, holidays are my thing. I am addicted to travelling.

If you could go back in time, where would you go? My wedding day, best day ever, would totally do it again and of course the honeymoon would be a bonus.

Who would your fantasy dinner guest be and why? Freddie Flintoff, Jack Whitehall &  Jamie Redknapp I find them hilarious in ‘A league of their own’.

What is the worst job you’ve done? I have worked in media since I left school and been with Reach 24 years so haven’t experienced much else to compare.  My worst nightmare would be a job where I am not challenged throughout.

What is top of your bucket list? To travel to Australia and Singapore, Australia is booked for 2022 so hopefully that will be ticked off then.

Who or what inspires you the most? My parents, they have taught me to be a well rounded caring person and to work hard to achieve my goals.  Their guidance has been invaluable and they are my number one supporters.

To the audience: you should make our news brands a part of your day because...

they are the biggest and most-read commercial news titles in NI so why would you not! I take my job very seriously and if our platforms are not the correct place to be I will be the first to say but no one knows our audiences like we do and if ever there was a reason for people to read or brands to advertise with us, that is it.