Nicola Donnan: “Having worked at Pride of Britain I’ve met my fair share of celebrities.”

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Our Publishing & Facilities Executive Assistant on wanting to be a Royal Navy officer when she was growing up, her favourite hobby/pastime and her biggest life lesson to date.

What’s your favourite question to ask people? "What’s your biggest fear?" You can learn a lot about people from their answers.

Facebook OR Instagram? Insta all day! Social media is supposed to be fun, an escape.  Instagram is consistently more positive and uplifting, at least to me.  

What did you want to be when you were growing up? A Royal Navy officer – a bit unrealistic for someone who can’t tread water in the deep end of a swimming pool.

Spotify OR Apple Music? Spotify – only because it’s free, family perk having a student in the household.

Favourite country to go to on holiday? That’s a hard someone who loves to travel, I firmly believe your experiences on holiday and who you holiday with determine how you feel about where you have been.  Another companion, date or adventure in the same place makes you feel differently. In saying that I do love everything Italian!

Tea OR Coffee? Coffee! ALWAYS – strong and black and lots of it.  I can’t function without at least 10 cups a day. It’s what keeps me going. No decaf here!

Currently reading or listening to (podcast)? Nope.

Amazon OR eBay? Amazon for buying, eBay for selling.

Most valued item? My family and friends.  I have the best support imaginable.

Sweet OR savoury? Savoury – Cheese & Onion Hunky Dory’s, best crisps around!

Someone you might be starstruck to meet? Having worked at Pride of Britain for many years I’ve met my fair share of celebrities. Although I did have to think about this one for a while because there are definitely lots of people that would cause me to freak out if I ever met them.  Obviously people that I've had celebrity crushes on like Gino D’Acampo (omg I love, love him), Brad Pitt and George Clooney. I would be so awkward because these are people that I've formed attachments to but they have no clue who I am.

However the one person who I am still in awe of to this day is Beyonce...who doesn’t love her!

Chocolate OR sweets? Dark chocolate, Lindt Excellence Sea Salt, nothing comes close.

Favourite hobby/pastime? Planning and booking a holiday, for myself or others.  I love researching and getting the best deals and get a real buzz out of finding bargains.  Should have started my own travel agency in another life. 

Android OR Apple? Android, Samsung any day. 

Biggest life lesson to date? Don’t be too hard on yourself.  A lot can be said for self-belief.

Starter OR Dessert? Starter, only if there’s no pavlova. 

What is the worst job you’ve done? Rollerblading handing out flyers for a double glazing company many moons ago.

Country OR City? City, I love Krakow. 

Favourite restaurant? The Smuggler’s Table, Killyleagh – local seafood specials taste like nothing else.

Netflix OR YouTube? Netflix

Most overused word or phrase: FFS! 😉

Cook OR Takeaway? Takeaway – life’s too short to slave over a hot stove, although I do make a killer Beef Teppanyaki.

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