Grainne McDonald: “I did an internship with RSVP Mag & I was so good they just couldn’t let me go.”

Business Comms

Our Head of Direct Advertising & Events (and proud (very proud!) Corkonian) on the most expensive thing she's bought, how she switches off from work and some of her favourite memories at Reach.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?

My Range Rover, which is a practical expensive thing but I did buy a pair of trainers for €500 and my boyfriend was outraged. I have since got so much wear out of them that he sees the investment, so bring on my next expensive purchase 😜 

Sunrise OR Sunset?


What would you never leave the house without?

My phone…I wouldn’t do it to my people to be uncontactable (too in demand).

Summer OR Winter?

That is such a tough one…I adore Winter because of Christmas and family time and all the cosy fires, hot drinks and eating but then Summer has such a good positive vibe - everyone is happy, outdoors, day drinking with your friends…I can't choose!

What is your favourite place to go for a drink?

I would have to say Clancys in Cork, the owners are the nicest people ever, the drinks are bomb and they have a gorgeous rooftop bar.

Iced Coffee OR Hot Coffee?

I am all about hot beverages so I would have to say hot coffee but when I want to look basic and have notions I will order an iced coffee 😜

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Comparison is the thief of joy: I think it's really important to not compare yourself with other people and where they are in life and their achievements. So many people put too much pressure on themselves to be at a certain level at a particular age when we should all live in the moment and enjoy what is now.

Dogs OR Cats? 

Dogs allllllllll the way!!!

What is your favourite hobby?

Used to be horse riding but that became too time-consuming so now I would say training or going for hikes.

What’s one of your favourite memories at Reach?

Lots of great memories to choose from with all the events we have hosted, to team nights out from painting masterclasses, to walking alpacas up mountains to being shot by BB guns (don't see how that was team bonding, more like team attack) etc. but probably two times that stick out for me is when I first met Jonny & Joanne in Cork and the three of us headed off after dinner for some live music and dancing in Reardens (that was a night to remember) or the cooking masterclass that the Ireland Wellbeing Panel organised and I won (much to Marguerite's annoyance). 

How do you switch off from work?

After work I always try and do some sort of activity, whether it's going for a walk, class, gym - best way to switch off and as they say, you never regret a workout but you always regret not doing one 😉

​Fave memory of 2021 so far?

I have had a great 2021, the staycations have all been incredible but what I probably have enjoyed the most during lockdown is having more nights with my family, as usually we are all too busy to spend that much time together. We turned my house into a restaurant for my mom's birthday and went all out with everyone playing their part as chefs, waiters etc. It's the little things that you cherish the most and it's nice that my family and I shared that together 😊

Wake up early OR Go to bed late?

Go to bed late - I am a night owl- TikTok is the devil and ruins my sleep lol.

If I wasn’t Head of Direct Advertising & Events, I would be...

So I have a realistic one and an unrealistic one. My unrealistic one would be a singer as I genuinely used to think I had the voice of Beyonce and wanted to enter X Factor. A realistic one would be a fitness instructor - I LOVE working out and have had to jump in and coach bootcamp classes now and again and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Beach OR Mountains?

Mountains as I prefer a bit of action and would probably get bored of the beach after two hours.

Favourite blogger/influencer?

I like Lauren Arthurs, she's a fellow Cork gal and her content is good and engaging.

Call OR Text?

Voice note all day everyday.

How did you get your job?

I did an internship with RSVP Magazine as part of my masters and I was so good they just couldn’t let me go.

TV Show OR Movie?

TV show by myself so I can binge watch but a movie with people and make a little date out of it.