Cormac O’Shea: “My only other aim was to be a journalist as my grandad was one.”

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The Editor of on how he’d love to meet Jurgen Klopp, his favourite memory working at Reach and describing his 2021 mood as “optimistic”.

What would your superpower be?

I would like to be invisible because it would be much easier to have a nice quiet life, skip queues and avoid people.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Like probably most young boys I wanted to be a footballer but that dream died when I wasn’t that good! My only other aim was to be a journalist as my grandad was one.

Social media platform of choice?

Instagram, it’s what I would use most and I enjoy scrolling through for ages.

Currently reading or listening to (podcast)?

I am currently reading Liverpool player Andy Robertson’s book about winning the title, it’s pretty basic.

Favourite country to go to on holiday?

I would have to say the US, California to be exact. Was there for two weeks in 2018 and I thought it was top class.

Someone you’d love to meet, living or dead?

Jurgen Klopp.

Hidden talent?

I don’t have many talents, so I don’t tend to hide them haha.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

I do love Love Island but can’t say I’m that guilty about it, reality television in general I very much enjoy and probably should feel guilty about it.

What’s one of your favourite memories at Reach?

There is many but I would have to say when I was on Dublin Live, getting to work alongside the great Aengus O’Hanlon every day was a particular highlight, he taught me a lot and made every day in work enjoyable.

2021 mood:

It hasn’t been a great year has it? But I will say optimistic.

Favourite restaurant?

I’m a big fan of anywhere that does pizza, right now I would say Forno 500 in Dublin but it tends to change based on where I last ate.

Repost your last tweet:

If you could go back in time, where would you go?

I’d probably go back to 2019, just any pre-pandemic time would do me, to be honest.

What is the worst job you’ve done?

I’ve only ever had two jobs really, working here at Reach and on a farm before that. While I actually quite enjoyed working on a farm, I don’t think manual labour is for me, so that would have to be the worst.

Most overused word or phrase?

Since working at home with my housemates I would say I utter the words “tea anyone” close to 10 times a day, which is likely far ahead of any other phrases I use.

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