Catriona Byrne: ‘Stay positive, have fun and make it happen. And buy a newspaper on your way!’

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Our Head of Reach Publishing on always wanting to be a ballroom dancer - a dream she got to fulfil, being a latecomer to social media and how we should always be kind and have respect for every single being. 

The boss is buying you a drink, what are you having?

A nice Sauvignon Blanc please.  

What did you want to be when you were growing up? 

Like a lot of young teens, I dreamed of being a dancer. I loved all types, mainly ballroom and Latin. I trained full time after my leaving cert but after a few years of teaching and performing, it was time to move on. It was a great experience and I got to fulfil the dream. I then got into media and advertising. I knew this is where I wanted to be.

Social media platform of choice? 

I came late to the social media party. I joined Instagram, mainly for work. It has helped during lockdown to keep in touch with the world.

Career highlight? 

This position now with Reach is definitely a career highlight for me. It is great to be able to continue the legacy of the Irish Daily Star that past and present staff worked/work so hard on. 

Having such a broad range of companies advertise with us year after year is rewarding. 

Winning great campaigns and some awards along the way is nice. The Three/Mediavest/Irish Star 'Make History' award for the Euros was a personal highlight. Our sports journalists got recognition for the dedication they always put in and we got to showcase the impact print can have along with the other platforms we provide. I am looking forward to seeing what 'The Morning Market' and the future brings as a group. 

Currently reading? 

Spreadsheets, Reach documents, newspapers and emails 🙂

I plan on reading ‘As The Smoke Clears’ by a friend/past colleague Zoe Holohan when I can bring myself to read it.  

Someone you might be starstruck to meet?

I met a few decent stars along the way. Meeting Tom Hanks at a preview of Toy Story when I worked in the Irish Film Centre which was amazing. Richard Dreyfuss and his wife stayed in the same hotel as us in LA. Beyonce and Jay Z sat close in a restaurant in Vegas. But the highlight was meeting ‘The Hoff’ in Dublin, a real character. I am not the starstruck type but you would have to get a photo with...The Hoff!   

What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? 

It would have to be my two little girls.

Hidden talent? 

Dab hand with a sewing kit. Both my parents were tailors. 

I can throw a good party.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Spending money on overpriced interiors and spending hours on interior sites.

I also like to spoil other people.

Biggest life lesson to date? 

I have a few. 

Hard work pays off. Be true to yourself. And it goes without saying be kind and have respect for every single being. 

What would your superpower be? 

My superpower would be to help any parent looking after a sick or disabled child and to keep everyone healthy. 

If you could go back in time, where would you go? 

The 80/90s was the best time, I have great childhood memories.The Ireland team going to Italia‘90. Various types of music, dancing and clothes. You were happy to holiday in camps, watch Bullseye on a Sunday evening, use your pay phone in the hall. This would be a nice time to go back and experience the innocence of it all again. 

What would you never leave the house without?

My bank card. 

What is the worst job you’ve done? 

While working in TV3 I had two other jobs, in a retail shop and helping a friend out doing promotions in bars. By 2am the feet were pretty sore. There are worse jobs you could have. I have been so lucky with having jobs I always loved.

What is top of your bucket list? 

A holiday anywhere would be great, Greece maybe. To get outside Dublin at this stage would be nice. I would also like to learn a new language. Go skiing.

My bucket list is now seeing life through my kids' eyes and giving them everything and every experience I can. I am happy that my list is ticked and I have enjoyed my life so far to the max.

Describe your 2020 using emoji only 😵

To the audience: Stay positive, have fun and make it happen. And buy a newspaper on your way!