Mirror Media signs up to IAB Ireland’s new Commercial Charter

On Thursday (May, 31) we went along to the NewsBrands Ireland ‘reAction’ event where we heard about new research into the effectiveness of advertising in newsbrands titles.  

Ireland’s largest publishers, which includes ourselves (obvs!) have committed to uphold a set of standards around some of the biggest issues facing the Irish market.  There is no disputing the reputation of premium publishers has taken a bashing in recent times so the idea behind the Irish Publisher Charter is that a collective message to the market will carry more weight than any individual efforts.

Enter > IAB Ireland’s new Commercial Charter of Trading Standards.

It was through the Publishers’ Council, facilitated by IAB Ireland, that the Commercial Charter was developed, setting out the agreed standards which publishers like us will uphold in trading with digital advertising partners.

The 12 publishers who collaborated in the commercial charter are Mirror Media, Distilled SCH, DMG Media, Entertainment.ie, Image, Independent News & Media, Journal Media, Landmark Digital, Maximum Media, Sheology, Sky Media Ireland and The Irish Times.

The Commercial Charter highlights standards across digital advertising trading including User Acceptance, Viewability, Non-Human traffic and Brand Safety. Protection of user’s privacy is a key element of the charter with the signed up publishers ensuring that use of user data is appropriate and controlled and that the data itself is kept secure.

Publishers who have signed up to the charter will display the identifying logo on their site as a badge of quality and a commitment to transparency in their commercial transactions.